My passion lends insight into solving the toughest technical problems and bringing the biggest and best ideas to life.


I've found that by combining a balance of strategic, creative, and practical skills, I am capable of providing clients with consistent innovation. 


I am skilled as a rapid prototyper and have the ability to quickly translate concepts into viable finished products and processes.


My experiences range from leading product research and development teams in creating new products, to troubleshooting technical issues in various programming languages. I am skilled as a digital artist. I have management experience and am proficient in: social media, SEO, SEM, NSEO, content creation and marketing, copywriting, web programming, WordPress CMS, internet law, HTML5, CSS, SilverPop Engage, SAS programming, web form design, landing page creation, campaign creation and deployment, digital content planning and project management.


In my current roll, I am in charge scheduling daily production for our client's social media, marketing and web content and design needs. I manage a team of 18 professionals.


I have had the fortune of having had a wealth of diverse experiences in sales, marketing and media production. I have worked in the computer industry as a Director of Applied Technologies for LogicSafari since 2001. I specialize in applied media solutions and SEO/SEM.


At 4 years old, I took an IQ test.


I was seated in a wobbly wooden chair. The doctor placed a very precisely fitted, multi-shape, variety of wooden squares, circles, triangles, etc. in front of me. He dumped the tray out and jumbled the pieces. The test was timed. I was told to put the pieces back in their place... to make them fit the best I could in 3 minutes.


I completed the 36 or so pieces quickly, but my dad said that I had placed one of the slightly oval pieces that were near in size in the wrong hole. The  other piece wouldn't fit. With just over a minute to go, I tried to force the remaining piece into the last hole... and when it wouldn't fit, I studied it very closely, yet did not attempt to trade out the ill-fitting piece. Instead i took the broken chair I was sitting in and pulled off the loose leg and beat the slightly over-sized piece into the hole. I finished with 2 seconds to spare.


Now as you can imagine, my father wanted to know if it counted? He said that the psychologists were speechless. Finally one doctor spoke up and said, "Well, I think it counts because we told him to put the pieces back... to make them fit the best he could in 3 minutes... and that he did... even if it was a little unconventional."


I don't know anything about the score, but I do know that my dad paid to fix the chair and test board.


I grew up to be a problem solver!


My mission is to help my clients overcome everyday technical challenges in productively communicating their message to their target audience; and to do everything for my clients with honesty, solvency, purpose and integrity. 



  • Masters in DigitalMarketing

    • Digital Marketing Institute – Masters Candidate (2018)

  • Masters in Internet Marketing – Media Communications Certificate Program

    • Full Sail University (2016)​

  • Bachelors of Science in Law

    • William Howard Taft University – Taft Law School (2015)

  • Bachelors of Science in Food Technology

    • Commonwealth Polytechnic Institute, Richmond, Virginia (1993)

  • Associates Degree - Applied Science in Culinary Arts

    • Culinary School of Washington, Richmond, Virginia (1989)

  • Associates Degree – Business Administration

    • Jefferson Business College, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 (1983)



  • SilverPop Certified Professional (2014)

  • Better Process Control School (2012)

    • U.C. Davis - College of Agriculture

  • Full Sail University – Digital Design (2010)

    • 24 Credits

  • ECPI College of Technology - Computer Technology Program (2009)

    • 36 Credits

  • FEMA Emergency Management Institute (2009)

    • 74 certificates / 40 Credits

  • National Computer Science Academy (2009)

    • 7 Certifications

  • Advanced First Aid & CPR Recertification (2009)

  • Virginia E&S RLD License (2002 & 2008)

  • ACE Institute Continuing Education (2007)

    • Computer Science

  • Better Process Control School (1994)

    • University of Maryland College of Agriculture

  • Microwave Food Technology Symposium (1986)

  • Naval School of Health Sciences: 28 Credits (1984)

  • Management Systems Training (1983)

  • Chef Apprenticeship under Master Chef Lloyd C. Logue (1976-1980)



I am an accomplished graphic artist. The following is a small sample of my artwork.

Preferred Contact Method

Mac Carpeli

1826 E Platte Ave

Suite 203

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Office: 800-235-0454

Cell: 719-203-0324

Email: Mac@LogicSafari.net

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